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GENERAL TRUST ARGES Ltd. based in Pitesti, No. 866, Pitesti-Bucuresti Rd. (DN 65 B, km. 3+800), was founded in 2003, having as object of activity "Construction of roads and highways" (NACE code 4211). Following the great opportunities offered by this sector, the Company established several outlets in diverse areas, that assure conditions for an efficient development. Thus:


- In 2005 are set up outlets at:

●  Pitesti, No. 28 Exercitiu Str., Arges - location for offices,
●  Pitesti, Km 110 Bucuresti - Pitesti highway, Arges.

- In 2006 are set up workstations at:

●  Bascov, Arges - location for production
●  Curtisoara, Olt - operating an asphalt production plant

- In 2008 is set up an workstation at Malureni - operating a gravel


In September 2005, the Company acquired a base station equipped with asphalt production equipment for snow removal and road works execution, thus giving the opportunity, in a short period of operation, to record high levels of activity. This development was due to the seriousness in dealing with the beneficiaries, resulted in execution time and high quality of contracted work, improving the company's reputation, requested by brand clients on a wide range of activity, even in context of the current economic crisis; and contributing to the continuous policy of offering favorable conditions to the beneficiaries compared with competitors on the market. All this allowed the conclusion of major contracts.


The company also develops trading activity of finished products (asphalt and quarry products) and merchandise (asphalt and concrete), which have reduced shares in volume of the business.

Carrying out a continuous and effective activities was permanently supported by investment policy of the company, resulted year after year in expanding and upgrading the technical base through the acquisition of performant machinery and work equipment. As a result, the company currently has a strong potential that ensures the opportunity of a complex and far-reaching work, and in particularly favorable conditions for its clients.

Currently, the company's activity is conducted with a constant herd of employees with a work contract for an indefinite period

(of which 210 are directly productive); this number is steadily since 2008 (even in the context of decreasing activity) and was due to retention of qualified personnel policy, in order to assure the conditions of rapid execution of contracted works that can record very high levels in certain periods.


The company's main objectives are maintaining a high level of business (in the context of the economic crisis and deepening the competition) by reliability, high quality of our work and favorable conditions offered, participation in new auctions for the award of new construction works (in effect increasing the volume of executed works).

In this context the main efforts will be focused on:

●  participation in auctions on a more extensive territorial area, for the award of new construction,
●  maintaining its reputation earned it the market by continuing achievement of quality works with keeping the contractual terms.

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